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Index of CS Ships
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Names only

Aiken, CSS

Alabama, CSS

Albemarle Ram, CSS

Alert, CSS

Appomattox, CSS

Archer, CSS

Arctic, CSS

Arkansas Ram, CSS

Atlanta Ram, CSS

Baltic Ram, CSS

Bartow, CSS

Bayou City, CSS

Beaufort, CSS

Bienville, CSS

Black Warrior, CSS

Bombshell, CSS

Brig Echo, CSS

Caleb Cushing, CSS

Carondelet, CSS

Caswell, CSS

Charleston, CSS

Chattahoochee, CSS

Chickamanga, CSS

Chicora, CSS

Clarence, CSS

Col. Lovell Ram, CSS

Columbia, CSS

Cotton, CSS

Cruiser Georgia, CSS

Curlew, CSS

Defiance, CSS

Diana, CSS

Duane, CSS

Edwards, CSS

Ellis, CSS

Enrica, CSS

Equator, CSS

Fanny, CSS

Firefly, CSS

Floating Battery New Orleans, CSS

Florida, CSS 3 different ships

Florida, CSS

Florida, CSS

Forrest, CSS

Fredericksburg, CSS

Fulton, CSS

Gaines, CSS

Gen. Beauregard Ram, CSS

Gen. Bragg Ram, CSS

Gen. Earl Van Dorn Ram, CSS

Gen. M. Jeff Thompson Ram, CSS

Gen. Polk, CSS

Gen. Quitman, CSS

Gen. Sterling Price Ram, CSS

Gen. Sumter Ram, CSS

George Page, CSS

Georgia, CSS

Germantown, CSS

Gov. Moore, CSS

Gray, CSS

Grotques, CSS

Gunboat at Edward's Ferry N.C., CSS

Gunboat at Halifax, N.C., CSS

Hampton, CSS

Harmony, CSS

Harriet Lane, CSS

Henry Dodge, CSS

Hornet, CSS

Hunley, CSS

Huntress, CSS

Huntsville, CSS

Indian Chief, CSS

Ironclad at Kingston, N.C., CSS

Isaac Smith, CSS

Isondiga, CSS

Ivy, CSS

Jackson, CSS

Jamestown, CSS

Japan, CSS

Junaluska, CSS

Kate Bruce, CSS

Lady Davis, CSS

Lapwing, CSS

Launch #3, CSS

Launch #6, CSS

Lewis Cass, CSS

Little Rebel, CSS

Livingston, CSS

Louisiana, CSS

Macon, CSS

Manassas, CSS

Matilda, CSS

Maurepas, CSS

McRae, CSS

Memphis, CSS

Merrimack, CSS

Milledgeville, CSS

Mississippi, CSS

Missouri, CSS

Mobile, CSS

Morgan, CSS

Morning Light, CSS

Muscogee, CSS

Nansemond, CSS

Nashville, CSS

Neptune, CSS

Neuse, CSS

Nina, CSS

North Carolina, CSS

Olustee, CSS

Oreto, CSS

Palmetto State, CSS

Pamilco, CSS

Patrick Henry, CSS

Pedee, CSS

Petrel, CSS

Phoenix, CSS

Pickens, CSS

Pioneer, CSS

Plymouth, CSS

Polk, CSS

Pontchartrain, CSS

Privateer A.C. Gunnison, CSS

Privateer Beauregard, CSS

Privateer Calhoun, CSS

Privateer Dixie, CSS

Privateer Gilbraltar, CSS

Privateer Gov. A. Mouton, CSS

Privateer Isabella, CSS

Privateer J.O. Nixon, CSS

Privateer Jefferson Davis, CSS

Privateer Judah, CSS

Privateer Lorton, CSS

Privateer Mariner, CSS

Privateer Music, CSS

Privateer Savannah I, CSS

Privateer Savannah L., CSS

Privateer Sealion, CSS

Queen of the West, CSS

R.E. Lee, CSS

R.J. Breckinridge, CSS

Raleigh, CSS

Rappahannock, CSS

Rattlesnake, CSS

Rescue, CSS

Resolute, CSS

Retribution, CSS

Richmond, CSS

Roanoke, CSS

Robert Habersham, CSS

Robert McClelland, CSS

Sallie, CSS

Sampson, CSS

Savannah II, CSS

Savannah III, CSS

Scorpion, CSS

Seabird I, CSS

Seabird II, CSS

Segar, CSS

Selma, CSS

Shenandoah, CSS

Shrapnel, CSS

Smith, CSS

Spray, CSS

Squib, CSS

St. Mary, CSS

St. Nicholas, CSS

St. Patrick, CSS

St. Philip, CSS

Stonewall, CSS

Stonewall Jackson, CSS

Stono, CSS

Sumter, CSS

T. Watson, CSS

Tacony, CSS

Tallahassee, CSS

Talmico, CSS

Teaser, CSS

Tennessee I, CSS

Tennessee II, CSS

Texas, CSS

Theodora, CSS

Thomas Jefferson, CSS

Thomas L. Wragg, CSS

Tiger, CSS

Torpedo, CSS

Tropic, CSS

Tuscaloosa I, CSS

Tuscaloosa II, CSS

Tuscarora, CSS

Tuskaluza, CSS

Uncle Ben, CSS

United States, CSS

V.H. Ivy, CSS

Velocity, CSS

Virginia I, CSS

Virginia II, CSS

Virginia III, CSS

W.R. Miles, CSS

Warrior, CSS

Washington, CSS

Wasp, CSS

Water Witch, CSS

Webb, CSS

William Aiken, CSS

William H. Webb, CSS

Winslow, CSS

Yacht America, CSS

Yadkin, CSS

Yankee (Jackson), CSS

York, CSS

Yorktown (Patrick Henry), CSS

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